Water & Blue Gold, Facts You Need to Know

Fresh water is a limited resource and its demand is increasing day by day. Its natural distribution on earth is not equal in all nations. Sadly, in many regions of the world, it is as precious and scarce as gold.

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Facts You Need To Know

Droughts, pollution, soil fertility loss, and the effects of climate change undoubtedly make potable water scarce. Therefore, drinking water is precious to everyone – like gold! This is why purified water has become known as, “Blue Gold”!

Top 4 Water Companies in the World


The Aquafina company is one of the best-known brands on the market today. It is owned by PepsiCo. 

Aquafina has been sued of selling nothing more than “Tap Water”. So much so, that PepsiCo has agreed to change the label on its Aquafina bottled water to list its source: public reservoirs (in other words “tap water”). 

However, Aquafina treats the water at the plant before leaving. Aquafina continues the filtration process when the public reservoir water arrives.

It is no secret that millions of people will continue to consume Aquafina each year, around the world. There are many reasons for this, and one of the main reason for this is great marketing.

Aquafina Purification Process:

Moreover, their purification goes through a seven step “HydRO-7” filtration process. PepsiCo claims that it takes out way more solids than any other filtration method. This makes it the most over-the-top filtered water possible.


  • With millions of people buying this bottled water, finding a local outlet that sells Aquafina is easy. That is not true for some other brands, which must be purchased online and then delivered to your home.
  • The company offers a wide variety of water bottle sizes. So, from a small bottle for a workout, to larger containers suitable for homes or office coolers, they have it all.


  • On the other hand, even though the pricing is competitive with other major producers, some customers believe it is a bit pricey in comparison to other brands.
  • Because of its purification process, Aquafina contains no minerals. This includes the good ones we need for overall health.
  • HydRO-7 purification also removes all TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). TDS includes substances such as carbonate, salts, and certain minerals.
  • Unfortunately there are mainly plastic particles in Aquafina water from the bottles they are in.
  • Aquafina water bottles contain twice the amount of micro-plastics in it, compared to tap water, according to a report from the business insider.

Environmental Impacts:

The snacking and beverage giant is switching up the packaging for some of its bottles. Aquafina is working to remove plastic from its supply chain, amid growing concern of lawsuits over their environmental footprint.


Kangen water is the brand name for alkaline-water, that is made by the Enagic Company. Enagic’s Kangen Water machines dispense drinking pH levels ranging from 8.5 – 9.5pH. Enagic promotes in home machines, with the motto: “Change your water, change your life.”

Kangen Purification Process:

Tap water enters the Water Purifying Filter, that can be upgraded to an antibacterial active carbon filter, which is able to remove lead, chlorine, rust, and muddiness while at the same time preserving the important minerals in the source water, such as Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium.

Then the water flows through a multi-electrode plate mechanism, which ionizes and splits the water into alkaline and acidic waters. (Both alkaline and acidic water have unique and beneficial uses).


  •  Approved as a Medical Device by the Japanese Ministry of Labour and Welfare.
  • It is antioxidant alkaline water, which is good for your health.
  • The Kangen machine is capable of reaching a pH of 9.5. That is without chemicals, which is excellent for daily consumption.
  • You can achieve higher and lower pH levels with the Kangen machine.
  • Can create your own water business selling Enagic Machines from their direct sales program. (see article How to start your water business for more information)
  • Used by athletes ranging from the Texas Rangers to the Patriots to the Lakers and many more. (Athletes looking to improve their performance should opt for a powerful machine.)


  • The Enagic filter that comes with the Enagic machine only filters chlorine. (This is only a con if you don’t already have a pre filter installed, if already installed it would be perfect for your machine.)
  • You need your own bottles to carry the water around.
  • Upfront costs, it is the most expensive, but long term it’s the cheapest water investment into alkaline water on the market.
  • An Enagic machine cost can range from $1,900 – $5,900.

Enagic Machines

Environmental Impacts:

Kangen water promotes health in all aspects, including plastic consumption. Filtering and bottling your own water will reduce the amount of wasted plastics in our landfills. This goes back to their motto, “Change your water, change your life.”


Nestle owns 64 different brands of water, therefore possesses high marketing and global reach. Nestle may become a worldwide player soon in the drinking water sector.

Purification Process:

It comes from a well or municipal source (in other words “tap water”). Nestle was forced to change its water bottle labels after numerous lawsuits.

The tap water is then carbon filtered, softened, demineralized, and remineralized. Following that, the water is disinfected with ultraviolet light rays and sometimes ozone gas.


  • Firstly, Nestle waterbottle products are good in quality assurance and filtration process. A simple visit to the parent site will link consumers to informative reports.
  • Nestle offers a variety of flavors; all of which are especially non-caloric and contain no carbohydrates.
  • Taste and price seem to be the most positive aspects seen in the many reviews.


  • Products are available only in individual-size containers.
  • Also, the company does not produce larger containers that are suitable for use in the free-standing home or office coolers. In other words, there are no three or 5-gallon containers available.
  • Child labor, unethical promotion, manipulating uneducated mothers, pollution, price fixing and mislabeling are just a few of the topics Nestle has been sued upon. 
  • Nestle has been sued several times for different environmental disasters.
  • Nestle water bottles contain twice the amount of micro-plastics in it, compared to tap water, according to a report from the business insider.

Environmental Impacts:

With unethical business practices, such as taking clean drinking water in areas that sorely need it, participating in human trafficking and child labor, and exploiting uneducated mothers in third world countries, Nestle is quite possibly one of the world’s most corrupt corporations.


Also regarded as a top brand of a bottled water company, Dasani was launched in the year 1999. This product is from the well-known Coco-Cola company and it is sold across the world.

Purification Process:

As Dasani tagline water bottle says ‘Enriched with minerals for a pure, fresh taste’. Same as Aquafina and Nestle, Dasani bottled water also comes from tap water.

The tap water then goes through the process of purification to remove impurities. Dasani uses reverse osmosis filtration to remove impurities before enhancing the water with a special blend of minerals and then bottled.


  • This bottled water comes in packs of various sizes.
  • Due to its pure and refreshing taste of Dasani coupled with a pinch of natural fruit flavor, is considered as one of the top bottled companies in the world.


  • It has minerals like magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, and salt.
  • It is mostly only available in developed countries.
  • Dasani water bottles contain twice the amount of micro-plastics in it, compared to tap water, according to a report from the business insider.
Dasani Water

Environmental Impacts:

Some of the giant brands admit, that their bottled water is nothing more than filtered tap water.

The biggest issue is the environmental cost. The creation of bottled water is insanely wasteful. 1,065,171 plastic bottles are found on oceans, beaches and coastal areas yearly, which  affects every marine life including us. (Well, those of us that eat seafoods like shrimp and fish).

Also, plastics are tough to recycle. That means that your plastic bottle is likely to end up taking space in landfill sites. Or worse, it might end up in the ocean and poison not just the water, but wildlife too.

Which Water Is Healthiest To Drink?

So which water is the healthiest type of water to drink from these 4 top companies in the world? Well you might be surprised to know that the healthiest water is Kangen-water. Why? It’s mainly because of the potential health benefits of the antioxidants. Moreover, it contains an alkaline pH, which is a quality sought after by athletes and medical professionals.

But, the truth is that even the healthiest type of water can’t cure any preexisting health conditions. Kangen, nor any other kind of water on this list will be able to repair an unhealthy diet or lifestyle, that is up to you. 

Yay We Have A Winner!

If you would like to reduce your environmental impact, and stop supporting companies that harm our planet, bottling your own Kangen water might be the answer. Consuming less plastic is beneficial for both our health, and our earth.

All in all, the most significant health benefits from hydration come from drinking water. The truth is that any kind of water is right for you, so long as it is clean and free of impurities. Remember to consider your own best interest and longterm health when deciding which to consume. After all, water makes up 60% of our bodies.

What Does Water Do For You

The Blue Gold Rush Impact

Now that we have discussed the health and environmental impact, you won’t wonder why it is called, “blue gold”. Many people pay top dollar for what they think is good for them. These companies make great profit off of blue gold by taking water from underprivileged communities around the world.

For example, big companies like Nestle will claim a water source for themselves, and deprive communities around it access. They then resell the water at a huge markup and move on after they have polluted the water source. This in turn, makes clean water more scarce and helps them profit more off the blue gold.

Other hefty companies like Dasani make claims that their water is better than tap water. They spend billions on marketing to trick us into thinking their water is clean. Bottled water is no better than tap, with added micro plastics. We are paying more, not only in price, also in our personal and environmental health.

Large Corporations alike PepsiCo and CocaCola play nothing more than the middleman. Instead of making those companies rich off of their schemes, you can make your own opportunity in blue gold.

Watch The Water Empires

by Jack Chapple

May, 2020

It is theorized that a lack of water supply contributed to the downfall of other civilizations. like the Khmer empire in the 1400’s… the Ancient Egyptians around 30 BCE… Parts of Europe in the 1500’s… and the mega-drought that occurred nearly 100,000 years ago which forced humans to migrate out of Africa, and settle in Europe and Asia. Click on the video above to learn more.

Blue Gold Business Opportunity

With Alkaline water, you can have and promote wellness amongst your community. Alkaline water gives you the opportunity to build your wealth, without putting our environment at risk. Not only that, you will feel great doing so. “Change your water, change your life”. With the simple switch to this blue gold, you will end up healthier, and wealthier. Click the following link to learn How to start your water business the article explains how easy it is and what it takes, to do it successfully.

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