Community Guidelines

UltraViolet Beauty allows users to contribute different kinds of content, including reviews, photos, videos, events, votes, tips, direct messages, and more. Playing nice isn’t rocket science, but just in case, we’ve put together these general guidelines, in order to provide all Community members with the best experience possible.

*Please also read the guidelines below for specific types of content that you might contribute to the site:
    1. Read and abide by the rules set forth in each Community Category. 
Posts that do not adhere to the guidelines set forth in each Category will be DELETED. Users may receive a warning from a Community Moderator or UltraViolet Beauty Team Member, if necessary.
    • Have integrity. You know basic copyright rules. Follow them. Credit content that you did not create yourself appropriately. Only share things that belong to you, or you have the right to distribute.
    • Be respectful. Pretty simple: don’t be a jerk. Treat others the way you’d want to be treated. Pretend everything you say is to their face, not the computer screen. NEVER engage in trolling, personal attacks/insults, name-calling, or illegal activity anywhere in the Community. Never post personal information of others unless you have consent
    • Inappropriate content: Colorful language and imagery is fine, but there’s no need for threats, harassment, lewdness, hate speech, and other displays of bigotry.
    • Relevance: Please make sure your contributions are relevant and appropriate to the forum. For example, reviews aren’t the place for rants about a business’s employment practices, political ideologies, extraordinary circumstances, or other matters that don’t address the core of the consumer experience.
    • Stay on topic. The Community is a place to build skills and collaborate. DO NOT use the Community to post about membership, billing, account, or technical issues. Please direct those inquiries: here.
    • Promotional content: Unless you’re using your Business Owners Account to add content to your business’s profile page, we generally frown upon promotional content. Let’s keep the site useful for consumers and not overrun with commercial noise from every user.
    • Intellectual property: Don’t swipe content from other sites or users. You’re a smart cookie, so write your own reviews and take your own photos and videos, please!
    • Do not repost deleted/removed content. We took it down for a reason — don’t try putting it back up again without fixing it first.
    • Demanding payment: Beyond simply asking for a refund to remedy a bad experience, you should not use removing or posting your review as a way to extract payment from a business, regardless of whether you’ve been a customer.
    • Privacy: Don’t publicize other people’s private information. Please don’t post close-up photos or videos of other patrons without their permission, and please don’t post other people’s full names unless you’re referring to service providers who are commonly identified by or commonly share their own full names.
    • Humans only, please. Do not use any robot, spider, site search/retrieval application, or other manual or automatic device or process to retrieve, index, or “data mine” UltraViolet Beauty Community and its content. Further, do not execute any form of network monitoring, analyzing, packet sniffers, or other technologies meant to mine or intercept UltraViolet Beauty data that is not intended for you.
Failure to abide by these rules may result in dismissal from the Community.Last update: May 10, 2020